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£6139 🙌🏻

Thank you to every single person who has donated, arranged for food to be sent or offered their help and time, you’re all amazing ❤️

Originally I was looking at providing around 100 jacket potato meals across the holiday week but now we are able to do sooo much more.

I met with our local councillor today and we are looking at how we can use your donations to keep this support there as long as the need is there.

I feel that it is best to approach this in 2 ways... the schools have now broken up for holidays so we need food available now which we will provide then secondly we need to look at the long term and how we are able to support children longer term over the winter.

We were due to launch our new jacket potato and soup menu this week at the Hatch but we are delaying this by a week so we can feed as many children as possible.

So first this week.

I am making contact with all of the heads of the Trafford schools to advise their vulnerable families that they are welcome to come along to the Hatch at Minikin throughout the school holiday to get hot meals for the children. We have sent over a little token which families can show if they don’t feel comfortable asking. Either way they’ll be no questions asked, no judgment.. just a meal. All we ask is that children are with an accompanying adult.

If you or anybody you know is struggling during these tough times of job losses etc then please send me a message on here and we’ll make sure your children can access this too.

We will connect with the local support hubs over the weekend and they can let us know the numbers of children they know need support but can not access the Hatch and we will ensure meals are available for them to collect and deliver.

If you have volunteered to drop of for us, thank you so much... we will know more each day of what’s required and will post delivery needs.. if you can do them, that’d be amazing.

Longer term we will look at how we can keep support there and we would love to involve our young customers... we want them to witness what magic kindness can bring ✨ So we will keep you posted as we plan!

From the bottom of my heart I’d like to say a big thank you... what started off as a small gesture has turned into something amazing.... the calls and and messages I’ve had have made me cry 10 times a day!!! Thank you... love, Claire xxx

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