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Pottery painting for toddlers...

Allowing toddlers the freedom to express themselves through painting is so important for their imagination, fine motor skills, expression of emotions, decision making etc.

Unlike older children and adults, most toddlers and preschoolers aren't self-conscious about what they're doing or focused on creating a finished product. That can be hard for parents to accept, but letting go and allowing kids to enjoy the process of creation can reap big rewards. Children will be better off in the long run if they're allowed just to be in the moment and express themselves.

When a child finishes a piece, don't suggest additions or changes. It's important for a child to feel that what she's created is enough—even if it's just a plain pink dinosaur or colourful solodges on a plate!

The paints we use are all water based, lead and toxic free so make the most brilliant paints for a creative and sensory experience 💕

If you haven’t enjoyed pottery painting with you little one yet then give it a go... 😘

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