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Special Occasions at Minikin…

One of the privileges of having Minikin is that I get to be part of some of the most special moments in peoples and families lives.

Births, birthday parties, baby showers, hen do's, family and friend get togethers to name a few.

Well this time it was the turn of my family... our Grandma Heidi was the most amazing woman.. alongside Grandad Harry she headed our family and was the most inspirational role model to each and everyone of us.

When it would have been her 100th Birthday we wanted to celebrate even though she wasn't with us so we had a Minikin paint a cup evening!

We had a buffet and birthday cake and we all painted our own 'Grandma Heidi Cup'. Each cup was painted with our own memories of our gorgeous Mum, Grandma, Mother in law!

To this day we all use our cups in the evening and remember how lucky we were to have her 💞

If you have a special event you'd like to get together for drop me an email and we can have a chat.... Claire xxx

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