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We host the BEST pottery painting Birthday Parties!

Has your little one ever been to a Minikin party? If you have you'll be desperately waiting for an invite to their next one or maybe even planning their party with us!

We have nearly 13 years of perfecting our parties to make them as stress free and enjoyable for everyone that comes.

Being a Mum myself I always took the time to make my Son's parties extra special... after all they only happen once a year!! So I know how important it is to have a fabulous day.

Our parties are held on Sundays... this is so you can have the whole shop exclusively so that means the children can have the music as loud as they want, we can play pass the parcel and you don't need to worry about disturbing any other painters. Here's a quick run through our package and a few tips to make the party extra special!

Our party package is £20 per guest... this includes a choice of 1 of 4 pottery pieces to paint, sandwiches, yoghurt, crisps, juice, biscuit decorating and bag decorating... we use these bags to return the children's fired pottery back to you.

Bring along your own pass the parcel or we can make one for you for a small additional charge per child.

Our parties last 1 hour 45 minutes and are hosted from start to finish by us.. taking all the stress away from you!!

Tips for a great party....

Pass the parcel.... wrap a box with something small inside for each child. So if you have 15 children then put 15 bags of sweets or pencils, bracelets etc. then wrap about 6 or 7 layers over the box. Let the birthday child in on the secret... they'll know it'll land on them and they'll be a gift for everyone... it's always a big surprise for the children, they love it and everyone's a winner!!

Don't spend a fortune on party bags! All the children will get a their beautiful kiln fired pottery 2 weeks later... so a piece of cake and the pass the parcel sweets are more than enough.

Dietary requirements... ask parents on the invite if there are any allergies so we can cater for these.

Relax... we have everything under control so sit back and enjoy the party... take piccies and enjoy the children making memories!

Checklist of what you'll need to bring.. birthday cake, candles, napkins to wrap cake, pass the parcel. Party bags if you want to give any! That's it!!

To book head to the book online page and choose party deposit, that secures your date and time and we'll be in touch a couple of weeks before the date to confirm final number etc.

Claire xx

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